Engineering, Full Time

Full Time

$100k - $160k

Description and Responsibilities

Meet GetUpside

   GetUpside is a digital platform that connects millions of users with tens   of thousands of gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores nationwide.   Shoppers know us as the mobile app that offers 2 to 3 times more cash back than   anyone else, and brick-and-mortar businesses know us as the platform that’s   helping them earn more profit than ever before (and proving it). We know   ourselves as community-builders. When people and businesses are better off,   communities grow stronger.

   Meet GetUpside Engineering

   The Engineering team at GetUpside is a close-knit group of hardworking,   fast-learning individuals that believes in our mission to help communities   thrive. We believe in a data-driven approach to decision-making and an   encouraging culture that emphasizes learning from our mistakes. We debate and   deliberate on the best ideas to improve our tech stack, and strive for an   inclusive atmosphere that champions the psychological wellness of all of our   teammates.

   About the Job

   GetUpside is growing our Engineering Productivity team! This team is   focused on making the software development life cycle at GetUpside as smooth   as possible. To this end, we develop infrastructure, tools and processes that   let teams test, release, and manage their software artifacts more   easily.

   In this role, you will be one of the foundational members of our team.   Initially, you’ll be responsible for designing and implementing tools and   infra to make software testing easier for engineers - over time, we expect to   also solve engineering challenges in release management, monitoring, and   alerting. This is a great opportunity for an engineer looking to work with a   high level of autonomy and with a wide variety of technologies.

   Our technology stack:

   AWS to run our microservices in a message-oriented-architecture
   Java 8 / Dropwizard / 12-factor apps
   Python 3 / Serverless AWS Lambdas
   MySQL & DynamoDB
   S3 / Snowflake / Looker
   Jenkins / Github / Terraform

   What Will You Do?

   - Collaborate with the engineering organization to identify gaps in how we   test and release.
 - Develop features enabling   engineers to efficiently test and monitor the health of the GetUpside   platform.
 - Automate and improve how we run   Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
 - Develop new standards and   processes for engineers to more easily test and monitor software   artifacts.
 - Work with engineering teams to   integrate Engineering Productivity-developed tools and infrastructure into   the standard developer workflow.
 - Identify, design, lead and/or   participate in anything and everything that needs to get done.

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