sales-marketing, non-tech, customer-support, 15-1142.00, Network and Computer Systems Administrators


Description and Responsibilities

We provide first-touch support for IT professionals from all over the world; resolving technical issues, offering education, and helping administrators and users alike to get the most out of our software. Your Varonis journey begins with three months of intense, hands-on technical training, from basic network administration through advanced product features. You will be required to validate this training in both individual and group settings, and continued employment is contingent on being able to demonstrate mastery of these skills. The job has great potential for growth and participants in the program are expected to move on to more sophisticated roles, sometimes in a year or less.

We are looking for fast learners with excellent customer service skills and an interest in providing top-notch technical support. If you enjoy solving problems and thrive in fast-paced environments, where expectations for success are high and every day presents a new challenge, then this is the job you are looking for!

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